Event and Club Industries continuing to recover from Covid

29 May 2022 8:13 AMGreg Ritchie

It's great to begin speaking again in front of you all, and fabulous to see the clubs and events back on and open. Events are an integral component of fundraising for many of our sporting clubs. Events also gives us an opportunity to enjoy & celebrate achievements whether sporting, business or education. I was honoured to speak at a fantastic lunch for Villanova College this week. Congratulations to all involved!


Endeavour Foundation Home Run

28 May 2022 8:11 AMGreg Ritchie

50 kms in 10 days is my goal to raise money for homes for people with intellectual disabilities as part of the Endeavour Foundation's Home Run. To donate please go to https://fundraise.endeavour.com.au/fundraisers/gregritchie/home-run


Reflections on club cricket as a 16yr old and facing Michael Holding

22 Jun 2020 10:33 AMGreg Ritchie

Enjoyed my catch up with Blakey and Banger last week on their new podcast Just Having a Crack. Talking about my first experience in Brisbane grade cricket. Having the opportunity to watch my sporting heros


35kgs down!

12 Jun 2020 11:03 AMGreg Ritchie

The Lifeshape Clinic and their telehealth support have been crucial to my weightloss. Feeling great and


A big thanks to 7news Brisbane and Steve Titmus

5 Sep 2019 9:57 PMGreg Ritchie

for sharing my journey with Lifeshape Clinic. I'm enjoying working with my Lifeshape family, losing just over 20 kilos so far. Feeling better, more energy - even enjoying my golf more! Can't wait to get to my end goal!!

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