What makes a great speaker?

Do you think about what makes a great speaker or motivator for sporting or business teams? Have you been lucky enough to hear from a speaker that has the audience eating out of their hand only to leave the stage at the end to a standing ovation?

You could say what all these speakers have in common is that they are sharing stories about their passion and purpose in life and it is that which is just so inspiring. I believe having passion and purpose alone is nothing if the speaker is not authentic.  I believe that authenticity is the secret to living a rich and fulfilling life. Being yourself regardless of who you are with or where you are allows us the freedom to live without restriction.  But how many people can say their life is rich and fulfilling in this way?   I believe I can.  

I have had a pretty decent innings in my life, where I have the opportunity now to share experiences from what I call the good old days. These were the days of big and bold characters where we did and said things as they came to us. Most know I played cricket for Australia, I spent some time with channel Nine’s commentary team and Triple M’s Morning Breakfast Show. Some of you may remember me as Mahatmacote on the Footy Show. I have done many things in my life and have the comedic stories from all of it.

“I have to tell you the story about when I when I was out for 94 at Lords Cricket Ground the home of cricket. I was 6 short of 100 and missed out on having my name up on the wall forever remembered for scoring a century. I was pissed off about that and I go in and my old room attendant Roy, makes me a cup of tea, I am sitting down there having a cigarette, he says ‘well played, how unlucky, lalalala”.  I had just walked off to a standing ovation, which was just amazing, 30,000 people stood clapping me, I can see it like it was yesterday. There was a knock at the door and I was sitting beside the rest room, like I always did, and I hear Roy, “No no no, he has just got out, give the boy some time, no no, not now, come back after tea” he yells out,  it is Dave English, walks back in and I say, who? English? And he says “yeah and he should know better.. and he, he had that English prat with him”.  Well you will never believe who was there with Dave English at my dressing room door! you will have to come to one of my events to hear the rest of the story, it was life changing that is for sure! 

As a speaker, I enjoy sharing these stories with audiences who appreciate the honest recounts and learnings of the cheers and boos that have shaped my life. In fact I have so many stories and learnings that I have 5 keynotes that I love to share with audiences leaving them with my many learnings. 

  1. How dare they say I can’t do that!
  2. Don’t Apologise for being yourself
  3. 100 not out
  4. The 2 hours the changed my life
  5. They said I would never fulfil my potential

I enjoy being a keynote speaker at a charity or business event. I talk to sporting teams before they head out to play for their country and best of all I love to immerse myself in travel type events were we explore this great country or beyond.  I really enjoy hearing and sharing honest stories of some of our challenges as we either take on a physical challenge together or participate in an event that raises money for charity. 


Of all the events i've been associated with or attended, I've never seen a "Standing Ovation" for a cricket or sports after dinner speech! Congrats on your superb efforts at our annual luncheon!!  As Richie would say, a ‘simply marvellous effort’!  North Shore Cricket Club is the oldest cricket club in NZ and we have had an annual fundraising luncheon for the past 15 years. We have had an array of top notch cricket personalities including Barry Richards, Jeff Thomson and Wayne Phillips. However, this year’s luncheon was the best yet – largely in part to your highly energetic and entertaining after dinner speech!  The energy that you put into the delivery is second to none!  Of all of the events I’ve been associated with or attended, I’ve never seen a “Standing Ovation” for a cricket or sports after dinner speech!  That alone says it all!  And talk about funny!  From start to finish, all 400 people were in stitches!  – Steve Wilkins, North Shore Cricket Club. (March 2020)


Want to know more or make a booking? Just give me a call.

I am happy to give out my personal mobile number as I enjoy hearing personally about the audience I could inspire. So give me a call on: ✆ 0418 652 730  |   Email: ✉ ritchiegreg@yahoo.com