To really understand me, you have to first hear a little on my philosophy on Life"It can be summed up by these two lines from Stanzas on Freedom by James Russell Lowell” 
They are slaves who fear to speak, For the fallen and the weak; 
They are slaves who dare not be, In the right with two or three”.

This was shared with me by a dear friend at one of the low points in my life. It was an important lesson his father, who was one of the Rat’s of Tobruk that was regularly shared with him as he grew up. He reminded me in that moment of the need to speak the truth regardless of the outcome. “They are slaves who dare not be, In the right with two or three”. For me, I have many stories on how this has been hard, but it made me realise so many of us have manufactured filters on our lives in order to show ourselves in a way we want others to see us. We spend extra energy thinking about how to position our experiences rather than experiencing them. There is a fine line between capturing a memory as a photograph and living in the moment.

Knowing what I know about the important power of shared experiences, especially, the learnings from life's challenges, I can’t just stand by and watch our society fail to engage beyond the superficial level of their life. Having the confidence to lead by example can help set the tone for an authentic conversation and my goal is to encourage those around me to be comfortable with sharing their experiences too. 

I like people. I love meeting them, hearing their stories and sharing my stories as a way to have an audience consider the possibilities for their life and best of all to question what could be holding them back. 

I love speaking and interacting with people that:

✔️ Have an appreciation for the significance of the highs and lows in life

✔️ Know that there are some great lessons to be learned from living a full life

✔️ Want to achieve something great in their life

I especially enjoy talking to those up and coming athletes and corporates who are wanting to take on the world. 

“The Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC hosted Greg Ritchie for our annual Sportsman Lunch, which saw 130 blokes absolutely glued to their seats listening intently to the wonderful stories, laugh and laugh continually at all the behind the scene things that happened during that era and get the opportunity to speak with him personally, meet him and see a great Australian cricketing icon live in person was indeed a great honour and beyond value for money!" – Shawn Anderson, Manager Townsville Picnic Bay SLSC (March 2019)

I have a living legacy to make a difference to all those that I have the privilege to personally meet. My honest intention is to share the importance of authentic interactions with those around me. I measure how successful I am in this by the depth of conversations I have with others and how I have inspired them to do the same. Removing the layer of BS means we can feel more comfortable with the people around us and cherish the power to act, speak or think as we want. We are continually shaped by the people we meet, the experiences we have and the lessons we learn.  As I always say “We need truth to trust, trust to love, and love to live”.

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